Connect Your Essential Systems to Your Smart Phone

Schedule home automation services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Imagine getting to work, realizing you forgot to close the garage door…and not having to run home to deal with the problem. Joint Veteran Communications can make that vision your reality by automating your home and hooking it up to your smart phone. Our IT specialists have extensive experience with home automation.

We’ll connect all of your comfort, entertainment and security systems (and more!) to your handheld device. From remotely unlocking your front door to adjusting the thermostat, you’ll be able to do it all at the touch of a button. Schedule an appointment with Joint Veteran Communications to discuss your home automation needs with one of our team members.

Joint Veteran Communications can handle all your home automation needs

If you’re ready to turn your house into a smart home, contact Joint Veteran Communications in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our tech team can connect a number of your home’s systems to your smart phone, including your:
  • Garage door
  • Thermostat
  • Locks
  • Intercom system
  • Security system
  • Entertainment system
  • Lighting
We’ll add smart devices to all of your timers and motion sensors to give you complete control over your systems at all times. Contact Joint Veteran Communications to learn more.